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A Nero Hero: Frecciarossa ‘Giorgio Odero’

Ever been suckered into one of those multi-paged, data-mining websites where you learn, for example, why ’10 Things You Learned in History Class Are Totally Wrong’? Of course you have.  And, like me, you probably got to about #4 before … Continue reading

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Château Fueillet: Torrette Syndrome

I have spontaneous respect for wineries who export wines when they don’t have to; when they develop an international fan base when it makes no business because they simply produce too little wine for this to be a strategy with … Continue reading

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Coppi From Colli: Footsteps of ‘The Champion of Champions’

To borrow a joke that can apply equally to quantum physics, Greek politics or the festering appeal of the Kardashians: ‘If you claim you understand the wines of the Piedmont, it’s because nobody ever explained them to you.’ Location-wise, Piedmont—Piemonte … Continue reading

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Stugots in Montalcino: Podere Le Ripi

Tuscans have testicles, no doubt about it. Think back on the early days of the so-called ‘Super Tuscans’ when a handful of vintners decided they could make better wines using grape varieties that the Denominazione di Origine Controllata did not … Continue reading

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O Verdicchio, Verdicchio! Wherefore Art Thou?

The other day I wrote about a reputation-ravaged red (Lambrusco) and today I shift gears to confront an equally marginalized Italian white: Verdicchio. The innocuous little grape from innocuous little Marche was content to coast along on its laurels—as threadbare … Continue reading

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Lambrusco Revisited: Don’t Say The ‘R’ Word

I promised my favorite hootch hawker that I wouldn’t use the ‘R’ word in discussing his Lambrusco.  He insists—rightly—that the quintessential ‘70s Italian wine brand should remain, like their stupid slogan, on ice. Under the auspices of Banfi Vintners, said … Continue reading

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Primitivo: A Gentle Giant

Having lived through the zinfandel vetting process, I can say unequivocally that I like some of the a.k.a.’s better than others, and maybe primitivo best of all. Back in primitive times—that is to say, prior to the advent of genetic … Continue reading

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