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Wine, Winchesters and the Same Old Song ‘n’ Dance

We all know the futility of arguing on the internet, but I believe I have elevated argumentum  inutilis to a fine art by getting into a debate with a pair of British wine experts about American gun laws. The kerfuffle … Continue reading

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Rebel With a Clause

(On Sept. 15, 2015, at precisely 3:17:23 PM EST, this column will return to wine, but will only be visible in the Northern Hemisphere and parts of Kenya.) The other night in a candid interview about gun violence and race, … Continue reading

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Wine and Vegan Soul Food

Let me take a brief pause from not writing about wine in my wine blog and instead, avoid writing about wine in the context of wine. Are you with me? Wine pairing columns are legion, but they tend not to … Continue reading

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There’s A Boner-Jam of Sommeliers… And Nobody Can Pronounce The Word

We all have our pet peeves, don’t we?  Whether it is people talking on cell phones at checkout counters, forms you have to fill out that don’t give you enough room to answer the questions, duck-face selfies and/or people who … Continue reading

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The Funnel Of Snobbery: Here’s How It Works

In order to simplify elaborate concepts, certain ‘wine blogs’ rely on fancy graphics and colorful charts and educational posters and shit, and that’s just coolaballoolies: If you need life distilled to a See Dick Run picture book before you can … Continue reading

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The News For Wine Bloggers Is Even Gooder Than Great

Finally, some good news arises from the Wine Bloggers Conference people. I’m not talking about the conference itself—that’s pretty much standardized, annual good news, like the swallows returning to Capistrano or the onset of Christmas decorations in September or some … Continue reading

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Jack Off All Wines, Master Of None

The titular pun is ‘me all over’—as immature as sniggering at the word ‘titular’. From time to time, of course—snarky, sarkie satirical sibilance aside—those of us whose lowly role in this veil of tears and sin is wine critiquery (not … Continue reading

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