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Christmas: The Alternate Endings

Although I wear the social face of an altruistic wine scholar while living a public existence of citizenship, leadership and responsibility (using life skills I learned at the 4-H Club—‘Heart, Hands, Health and Heroin’), the truth of the matter is … Continue reading

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Introducing The ‘Fcuk, Marry, Kill’ Wine Scale

Call it the ‘Great American Novel’ for wine writers who can scarcely manage to scratch out a legible blog. Or the Holy Grail for atheists; the better mouse trap for entrepreneurs; the honest man for Diogenesians; the solution to the … Continue reading

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Send Me Free Wine, But Only Stuff I Like. You’re Welcome.

I consider other wine bloggers to be ‘colleagues’ like I consider Honey Boo Boo’s family to be fellow Homo sapiens. It’s a concession to rude reality, nothing more. Case in point:  A ‘colleague’ in Denver recently sent out a mass-mailing … Continue reading

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Seven Drinking Games For AA Members

We all know that half the fun of getting drunk is playing puerile drinking games to get even drunker, and we also all know that just because you’ve proven yourself to be so ineffective as a responsible grown-up that you … Continue reading

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Dressing For Digressing: Puttin’ On The Shitz

Before we go further, it’s ‘fess up time.  I’m a bit of a bully.  And really, I have been a bit of a bully for my entire life.  I’m told that when I was baptized, I was nonverbally intimidating to … Continue reading

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Getting Your Goat At Traverse City’s Baddest Bodega

Long ago and far away, no circumambulation of Northern Michigan wine country was complete without a didactic pit-stop at the odd blue shop wedged between Peninsula Drive and E. Front Street. There, surrounded by a cornucopia of bottles from distant … Continue reading

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I’m Too Good For Wine Reviews

You know, sometimes, when the lights outside grow dim and the walls of my room start closing in, it occurs to me that despite having written more than two million words on wine over the years, and four hundred columns on … Continue reading

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