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Aurelio’s Goose Lays Golden Eggs

Finding balmy, extracted South America in shivery, high acid Finger Lakes is a treat; getting a dose of genuine insight into this sprawling and largely misunderstood wine continent?  Priceless. Wouldn’t have happened without an Irish lass from Brooklyn, either—Jen O’Flanagan … Continue reading

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Carmen Carmenère: Sixteen Bucks Of Brilliance

I won’t tarry o’erlong on what the Chileans have done for Carmenère—roughly on par with what Blue Book Modeling Agency did for Norma Jeane Mortenson and Robert Johnson did for a beat-up six string. Enough to say that people who … Continue reading

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Santa Rita’s Coming To Town

Santa Rita—among Chile’s most beatified producers—has stuffed my stocking with an quartet of wines that should make the naughtiest holiday party a little bit nicer. And ideally, the other way around. Chile’s history of wine production dates to the 16th … Continue reading

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Carménère For The Holidays

The sum total of my social media prowess is writing something inflammatory and hitting ‘Tweet’. The convoluted netherworld of hashtags, mobile device aps and tweeps retweeting tweets I leave to my technological betters, meaning anyone who is still in high … Continue reading

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From The Halls Of Montes’ Uvas…

To the shores of triple wheeee! …That unforgivably awful pun must in no way detract from the quality factor of the  trio of tremendous wines sent me by my Celtic cab/carménère compatriot Jen O’Flanagan, who has lent her advocacy to … Continue reading

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What’s In A Name, Other Than ‘Insane Fornicating Testicles’? Ask The Chinese…

What is the deal with Chinese people and wine, anyway?  In 2011, Commieville wine sales rose by 20%–most of it intended for the gullets of the PRC’s upwardly-mobile millions—and meanwhile, Chinese investors have kicked the price of Bordeaux futures through … Continue reading

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