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MBTB Tasting Room, The Sequel

I’ve lived in Michigan my whole life and I quite like it here. However, I don’t much like our flag. In the first place, it depicts two bipedal ruminants—an elk and a moose—neither of which are actually bipedal ruminants, but both … Continue reading

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Merry Meursault And A Châteauneuf Christmas

Christmas is for the young; so it was with perfect propriety that I sat with eternally young wine merchant Elie Boudt over a couple of French classics as re-interpreted by a new generation of winemaker. The techniques employed were not an … Continue reading

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Christmas: The Alternate Endings

Although I wear the social face of an altruistic wine scholar while living a public existence of citizenship, leadership and responsibility (using life skills I learned at the 4-H Club—‘Heart, Hands, Health and Heroin’), the truth of the matter is … Continue reading

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Lee Lutes: Putting the ‘Star’ in Black Star

You don’t need a degree in finance to know a gold mine when you see it, but Lee Lutes has one anyway. And by gold mine, I don’t mean cash flow that cascades at the expense of ideology, but a … Continue reading

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Introducing The ‘Fcuk, Marry, Kill’ Wine Scale

Call it the ‘Great American Novel’ for wine writers who can scarcely manage to scratch out a legible blog. Or the Holy Grail for atheists; the better mouse trap for entrepreneurs; the honest man for Diogenesians; the solution to the … Continue reading

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Carménère For The Holidays

The sum total of my social media prowess is writing something inflammatory and hitting ‘Tweet’. The convoluted netherworld of hashtags, mobile device aps and tweeps retweeting tweets I leave to my technological betters, meaning anyone who is still in high … Continue reading

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Mike Beck: The Apple Of My High

‘If Eve sold her soul for an apple, it’s hard to imagine what the babe would have given up for a gallon of Uncle John’s ‘Melded’.’ Shake hands with Mike Beck and you wonder why he needs an apple press at … Continue reading

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