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Anthony Road: Don’t Start The Revolution Without Me

Talking to Peter Becraft is an unexpected treat—many winemakers express a sort of taciturn shyness and meet the media under duress—it’s part of the package deal of self-promotion. But Becraft is the opposite.  He’s gregarious, funny, charming and intense about … Continue reading

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Participation Trophies at the 2015 Michigan Wine Competition

Over the past couple years, Michigan wine country has been whumped in the nads by Mother Nature, and it’s fair to say that deadbeat Father Nature has missed a few support payments too. The winter of ’13-’14 was desperately long, … Continue reading

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Fox Run: For Whom the Bell Toils

Our paths first crossed between Michigan and New York; same latitude, same longitude, exact same moment, with a scant 30,000 feet between us. That’s because while I was driving to Finger Lakes to interview winemakers, Finger Lakes winemaker Peter Bell … Continue reading

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The Munchkin of Ink Thinks I’m #Stupid. Read On.

Old age may not guarantee wisdom, but it does encourage a bit of caution.  As a result, I’m wary of using the word ‘stupid’ to dismiss people I don’t know.   I roll my eyes at those memes that say ‘Stupidity … Continue reading

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Finger on the Pulse: Wine and Water

You may not know it, but the Ohio Turnpike comes with its own soundtrack.  It kicks in as soon as you leave the onramp and consists primarily of white Gospel music. If you’re not familiar with that genre, let me … Continue reading

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Sommosexuality: Not That There’s Anything Wrong With It

We’ve come a long way, baby. When I was a puerile punk, drinking wine—if we drank wine at all—was restricted to Froot Loops brands like Tyrolia and Annie Green Springs.  Wine without the word ‘cooler’ attached was as rare to … Continue reading

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Dear Riedel: ‘Hand-blown’ is an Oxymoron, You Twats

In an effort to take some of the legal heat off my blood brother Ron Washam, consider this the journalistic equivalent of a mother duck faking a broken wing to distract the predators from her loved ones. I urge all … Continue reading

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